Why You Should Consider Creating a Seesmic Plugin and How

This is one of the most exciting thing we have done since the creation of Seesmic. Every day we get contacted by developers who would like to be integrated in Seesmic and with our resources, we can simply not add them all. We created a platform so that services can be added to Seesmic without even having to talk to us, it is a totally open platform.

Your service can reach our user base and even monetize if you sell anything right in the plugin, like for example a tweet contains information about a movie, it could display a video with that movie preview behind the tweet and let the user buy the ticket right there.

In a few weeks the Seesmic platform will launch entirely driven by plugins: a chance to drive traffic and generate revenue to your service or site by integrating into Seesmic Desktop. Seesmic Platform creator Marco Kaiser explains how you can build a plugin and what they can do.

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